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#WTF46 - COGO - Emma Kisby - Charting a Greener Future: Fintech's Role in Sustainability

#WTF46 - COGO - Emma Kisby - Charting a Greener Future: Fintech's Role in Sustainability

In this insightful episode of "What The FinTech," we're joined by Emma Kisby, CEO EMEA of Cogo, a trailblazing company at the forefront of carbon footprint management. As the world gears up for COP28 and intensifies its focus on climate change, our conversation with Emma couldn't be more timely.

 Understanding Cogo's Mission:

Emma shares her journey leading to the helm of Cogo and the company's mission to tackle climate impact through innovative fintech solutions.

We delve into how Cogo leverages data and behavioral science to offer unique sustainability solutions, standing out as a purpose-driven business in today's eco-conscious market.

 In-Depth Exploration:

Discover Cogo's unique approach to helping businesses and individuals understand, reduce, and offset their environmental footprint.

Learn about Cogo's use of behavioral science to inspire significant shifts in both corporate and consumer habits towards sustainability.

 Building Partnerships for Wider Impact:

Emma discusses how Cogo selects its business partners to amplify its mission and the challenges faced in scaling such a mission-driven platform across Europe.

 Driving Consumer Engagement:

Uncover the strategies Cogo employs to maintain consumer engagement on the sustainability journey, including impactful success stories from both businesses and individuals.

 Looking to the Future:

Emma provides insights into the critical role Cogo plans to play in the next decade of climate action and teases upcoming features and initiatives.

She also shares her personal experiences, the fulfillment she finds in leading a purpose-driven team, and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs in the impact-driven space.

️ Final Thoughts:

Learn how businesses or individuals can get involved with Cogo and the collective action against the climate crisis.

As we conclude, Emma leaves us with additional thoughts and insights for our audience.

This episode with Emma Kisby is not just a discussion; it's a call to action for all of us to become more conscious of our environmental footprint and the available tools to manage it.

 Tune in now and join us in this important conversation on sustainability and fintech innovation.

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